Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am amazed.

I am amazed.

The bill went through the Senate today and directly to the Governor's desk where he signed it into law.

Laura and I can get married.


Of course there had to be an "unless," didn't there?

We can get married, unless opponents of marriage equality gather the 55,000 signatures necessary to put this thing on a referendum ballot. If they do that, the courts will put a hold on the law so that nobody can get married before it goes to a vote.

Because we wouldn't want people to actually have equality, even for a little while, before we deny it to them again, now would we? That could get messy, like our friends in California. You don't want people being married and then have to tell them that maybe they aren't, really.

I am at once inspired and discouraged. I am thrilled that the right people understand this thing and did the right thing. I am discouraged that there will be enough people willing to sign to take my rights away.

We've got September 19 penciled in on the calendar as our wedding date. I wonder how many other couples have to consider whether a court might prevent their nuptials?

Tomorrow we get to work defending what is right. Tonight we dance. Today is a very good day to be in Maine.

6 comments: said...

A very personal congratulations to you!

I hope I'm there to see those hateful bastards who want to tear that "congratulations" from my lips get turned away from heaven.

Kay said...

So happy for Maine!

Here's big BIG hopes that people will leave it alone and let equality ring.

You both are in my thoughts!

1138 said...

A very good day.

But there's a cynical part of that thinks it may have been done just to bring out the Republican base for a future election.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that come September 19 you can stop pinching yourselves and get married.

msladydeborah said...

This is how the battle for Civil Rights really works. You gain ground then you have to defend that gain from potential threats.

Hopefully you will be able to go ahead with your plans. Until then my friend-fight on!

Rick M said...

Ah, the smell of slight progress! I don't know you and am so happy (assuming it all pans out) for you.

Have a vested interested...maybe the gay marriage wins in the States will form the gay equivalent of a domino effect and wind up with Australia coming to its senses.

Then, then I shall dance with you!