Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feeling low

Some days I really feel on top of the world. This is not one of those days.

That is not to say I feel really bad, just that I have a cold, it's been hanging around for about a week, I am tired of it and I spent the last two days trying to outrun it and now my throat feels like everything I swallow is mixed with crushed glass.

I had a great afternoon hanging out with some marvelous women and soaking up some sun. Last night, my sweetie and I went to a party where we met some really interesting people and made plans to get together again soon, and that was fantastic. But we were out late. Like 2 a.m. late. And as much fun as we had, I am beat. I am getting to be too old to be out that late, and certainly so after battling a spring head cold for a week.

So today, instead of staying in bed, we got up, left the house and went to another party - a much more reserved party, but still, it meant getting up, getting dressed, driving for close to an hour and socializing with people. And socializing, while fun, can be taxing for my natural grumpy mood. But no, I did have a great time, but damn, I am just exhausted. Late night, then up and out and going all day again, and now it feels like the cold has caught up again. Bleh.

On the up side, we got Laura a car last week - a 1996 SAAB 9000CS. It has 199,000 miles on it, but very little body rust, zero rust on the frame and vital bits, and needs only moderate repairs to the exhaust for it to be inspected and all street legal. Huzzah! It looks a lot like a shortened up station wagon - more of a four-door sedan with a hatch back instead of a trunk - but it is zippy as hell and has a kicking sound system. I took it to a meeting Friday night to test drive it for the first time. I popped a mixed CD of older Melissa Etheridge stuff into the player, cranked it loud, opened the sunroof, and dear god but I was 25 again and looking for trouble. Wow. I Turned right at a stop sign and the front of the car lifted and the rear sank as I accelerated. I'm going to bet I squealed the tires, but I had the music too loud to tell. I tried to hold back on the rest of the ride home, but there are some wonderfully snaky curves that are made for a car to hug, and well, let's just say this: When I got home, I declared that I am NOT to drive that car again if it can be avoided. It's just too much fun. Wow. I take it to the mechanic tomorrow to check the exhaust thing, but after that I think I'm better off in my old truck. Yeah. Much better off. Damn. That thing's got some real vinegar.


msladydeborah said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm sorry to learn that you have a cold. Spring and Summer colds are the worst. It does not seem like that should be a concern during a beautiful day. Take care of yourself-get some rest and a couple of doses of honey and lemon will help your throat feel better.

It sounds like you had a good time driving the Saab. There's something about a jazzy car and the open road...zoom!zoom!zoom!

Take care!

Robin said...

Congratulations on the car - it must feel great to be a two-car family again, and even better if it helps you recapture some of that youthful fun.

Summer colds suck, I hope you kick yours soon. (Are you drinking the tea??? Drink the tea!)

Leo MacCool said...

some parties are worth neglecting a cold. hope you get enough rest soon to get better, though.