Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My heart aches for him and them and us all...

The last one has died. Ted Kennedy died during the night at his family home in Hiyannisport, Mass. The last of the brothers that shaped a generation of politics in America is gone.

I am so terribly sad. Remember this from last year? I wrote about it when it happened, and my feelings are still the same. We watched a swan song, and a glorious one it was.

I saw that speech on television and cried through it all. I knew, as did we all, that we were watching Ted's last big show. I cried hardest at the end, though. Ted had finished speaking, he could her the roar of the crowd in the Denver Convention Center, but he could not see where he needed to go and he was lost. For the briefest of seconds, his face showed not TED KENNEDY, Lion of the Senate, but an old, ill, frail man, frightened and confused. Then Caroline was at his elbow, whispering reassurance in his ear and the electric smile was back on, beaming at 1,000 watts as he walked with assurance (and his niece) around the stage, acknowledging friends and supporters and allies that he probably could not see. It was at once the most heartwarming and heartbreaking of moments.

My heart goes out to Caroline, who must now help to bury her father's last brother, and to the whole family, who by now, is sadly accustomed to dealing with death of lions.

Today I will go work and mourn quietly. My heart is heavy indeed.


Kay said...

I was wondering about the video... thank you for posting it.

I too am sad... they don't make 'em like they used to.

Blazer said...

I feel the same way. VP Biden's statement at the Dept of Energy this morning started my bawling all over again.