Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Delayed and a little late besides

Sorry for the long space between posts. Between the campaign and life, blogging took something of a back seat.

Saturday was supposed to have been our wedding day.

The new laws passed by the legislature went into effect early last week. Saturday, September the 19 would have been the first Saturday after that, and that's when we had planned our ceremony. Nothing fancy, a potluck celebration, outdoors on the water. Wedding party will all wear matching Hawaiian shirts of my own design. Shorts and sandals were to be the order of the day. Fun, friends, food, love, community. We spent Saturday with friends and doing a lot of driving, and we felt loved and supported, but with a bit of a pallor over it all. We should be on our honeymoon. Instead, I have a house party to speak at tonight, and Laura is canvassing downtown businesses for support.

We will have our minister friend Leela and our State Senator Dennis Damon officiate at our ceremony when it happens, but for now we don't know when that might be. It might be somewhere around the end of November, or it might be in a decade or more. We don't know. It depends on what the voters in Maine decide on November 3.

Here is a wicked cool video put out by the Protect Maine Equality people encouraging people to come to Maine for a "volunteer vacation." Here's the link with all the details and how to get information. People can come here, be put up by local folks, and volunteer on the campaign. I know we've got four or five places here in Hancock County (think Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, etc.) that are ready to house people.

And you know what? If you come to Maine because you saw this here, I'll cook a meal for you. For real. With lobster even, if you want.

The world is watching Maine. When history writes this chapter, what will your role have been? Observer? Supporter? Participant?

Come be a part of history.


FemmeFairyGodmother said...

I wish I could! The publisher I work for as a freelancer owes me several thousand dollars so until I get that I can't really spend any money on anything. If I had the money to come out there, I would for sure! Good luck.

Miss Trudy said...

I can't go but I wish you the best of luck.

Lisa said...

Thanks for including genderbendy in your list of favorite blogs...I have returned the favor!