Tuesday, February 16, 2010

morning at home

It is good to be home.

I don't know that I slept well, but I think that had to do with the cat pacing up and down the length of my person, demanding that whatever limb he could find pet him all night long. Poor guy, he's been home alone with only daily visits from some friends to scratch his ears and make sure his kibble was high in his dish. Apparently he missed me. From their behavior so far, I would guess that Quinn missed Kitten, but that Kitten did not much miss Quinn. Just a hunch.

The sun is coming up where it should this morning. A little to my left over by the line of trees at the edge of my neighbor's field. There are some scattered clouds that are in shades of blue and gray, but the sky is the color of the palest blue I have ever seen and getting lighter by the second. The sun will come up fully in just a few minutes.

The driveway is bare gravel. Snow and ice melted while I was away. We're supposed to get a storm this afternoon that will last until tomorrow night. I'll have to fill my buckets and pails with salt and sand today to be ready for tomorrow's shoveling duties.

I cannot describe the joy I feel at being home. This is so wonderful. I have not turned the heat up much really, but even in the chill, this is wonderful. Like Maureen O'Hara told John Wayne, a woman needs her own things around her. True indeed. I am at home here with my familiar things, my chair, my desk, my window looking out, by bed and blanket, my cat, my coffeepot. It is the psychic warmth offered by familiar surroundings. And it feels good.

It is daylight out there now. The sun is not yet up, but I must be going. There is work to be done and there are bills to be paid. The day is upon us. Blessed be.


Robin said...

Welcome home.


Miss Trudy said...

I know the feeling well. Nothing like one's own place.