Tuesday, April 8, 2008

humble beginnings

From little acorns... yeah, whatever. From the scattered ramblings of a middle-aged lesbian, a Pulitzer grows. We're hopin'.

So I am starting a blog and I am not sure why, except that I have this odd need to write. A lifetime spent with words is finally catching up with me. What once came easy now seems to live on its own. I must write. I must tell stories. I must work on dialogue. I must try very hard not to get sued.

Expect me to write about all kinds of stuff: politics, religion, sex, food, cooking, addiction, recovery, poor spelling and punctuation in public places, bad behavior by people who should know better, petty little local things, big, grand global things and assorted timely trivia. I will probably put up lots of pictures of my little dog Quinn, who is a nine-pound rock star. It will be boring to a great number of people and self-centered by its very nature. Get over it. Want somebody to write about your life? Get your own blog.

I think my greatest challenge will be remembering to post. My second greatest challenge will be liability laws. I hate those things.

In hopes of avoiding litigation, let me say here and now that anything you read in this site may or may not be true. It all springs from the dark and cobwebby corners of my brain. Some of the stuff there doesn't look quite like it did when it went in, so if you and I remember things differently, chalk my version up to creative license and fried brain cells. Some stories are just better for the telling with odd bits left out or interesting bits borrowed from somewhere else.

Bear with me as the site develops. I haven't a clue how any of this works, so I'll be learning as I go.

Blessed be.

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toklas23 said...

welcome to the world of blogging, my friend.

now I get to send YOU emails with the subject line "slacker."