Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long day

It has been a very long day. I worked on this screened porch project again today, getting the front wall upright and six of the 10 required rafters in place. Only thing is, everything is being built to fit what's there, and what's there is not perfect. It's tricky work, and it feels like I spend waaaaaaayyyyy too much time scratching my head trying to figure things out. I'll get better at it as I go, I am sure, but it can be a regular pain in the butt to have to learn it new for each job. The room is looking good, though. In this picture, you can see the rafters at each end that are in place. Only the little ones attached to the fake dormer are left to create and install. Then I have to put on the plywood, roofing paper, flashing, drip edge and shingles. Oh yeah, and the siding, trim, screens, and the built-in bench seats inside. Right. And I thought I'd get this done in a week? If I wasn't sober for so long, I'd think I was high when I gave the estimate. Oh well, live and learn. And get a great example for my portfolio. And happy customers. It'll work out.

In other news, I am beginning to get some work. I am booked solid for the next two weeks, and perhaps beyond that. I know I have two people who want work done but we have not been able to schedule it yet. That is encouraging. The nice thing is that this stuff is coming as a result of good relationships with people in town. This is word-of-mouth stuff that I'm getting, plus a few fliers. That's nice, too.

Oh, here is a picture of our supervisor on the job today. She is most stern when at work, keeping me safe from intruders and strangers of all kinds - from squirrels and birds to creepy neighbors, to stoned-looking young people looking for summer housing. She is very official when she is on duty. Note the nice sweater, knit for her by a friend. Actually, the friend who knitted the sweater is the one who gave one of my fliers to the property owner of the place where I am now working. What a marvelous small world this is!

I don't know if I will work tomorrow. I am beat today, but I want to get this thing done something close to on time, and I am not sure I will get it done by Tuesday if I don't. So much for the leisurely life of being my own boss. I would never work this hard for someone else. Damn. Oh well. Shower's going to feel really good tonight.

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Laura said...

HEY! Sounds good EXCEPT what is with all the "I" statements? I AM not this damned sore from being able to go spend a beautiful Saturday fishing.

Love ya- Laura