Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sundays at home

I wish I could spend this Sunday at home puttering around. I've got stuff to do here, but I've got stuff to do out there, too. And they pay better than I do. Phoo. Up at a reasonable hour without benefit of alarm clock, it was raining steadily. I had hope. Hope for quality snuggle time with my sweetie. Hope for a day puttering in my basement workshop. Hope for a low-key kind of day.

But then the clouds started to break up and then they all blew away, leaving bright blue sky and copious sunshine in their wake. Damn. This means that I will have to mow the lawn, spread fertilizer stuff, and go jack and level three more cottages. Oh dear. And no Josh. Damn. Laura's a great help, but less willing and less able to get underneath the cottages and grub around with jacks and blocks and such. That means I'll be the only one under the cottages and she'll be hand me blocks and cement things. Damn. So much for a lazy Sunday.

We did have popovers for breakfast, which was nice, and we got to watch the local chickadee, goldfinch and hummingbird populations have their breakfasts outside out window, but now the birds all seem to have retreated to their nests to produce or sit on eggs until suppertime.

Delaying and stalling has pretty much run its course and now I must get to it. Perhaps we will fish this evening as a reward for a day's honest efforts.

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