Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comin' together

So the Big Gay Weekend is underway.

Friday night's open mic/coffee house/ice cream and dessert and coffee social went remarkably well. Especially after every one of our performers dropped out. The host even called early in the afternoon to report that she had a migraine and could not make it. Well shit.

So Lib, dear, wonderful, spectacular Lib, stepped up to host the event. She welcomed people and encouraged them to tell stories and sing and they did and a marvelous time was had by all. We must have had around 25 people there, maybe more. I was pretty pleased. A bigger crowd is expected today.

The ice cream was great and the hot fudge sauce was very popular. I think I may be able to sell some today at the picnic to help defray costs.

We've got the big picnic potluck thing happening in a few hours now, and the sky is overcast and not particularly cheery-looking. The weather map says any rain will likely track away from us, but it still is not the sunny July day I had requested. Oh well. I'll give it time and see what develops.

In the meantime, I have pasta salad made, eggs pickled and pink (the recipe included a can of sliced beets, so the eggs are a vibrant, if alarming, shade of neon pink. If they taste anything like good, I'll post the recipe) a pot of beans is in the slow-cooker for supper, and I am the sole awake person in the house. It is a nice feeling, sitting here in the quiet of the kitchen, sipping my coffee, looking out at the birds at the feeders and listening to L snooze quietly in the bedroom and Mike snore softly in the living room on the fold-out couch. The dog is still asleep at L's feet, and the cat was awake for a while but gave up and went back to bed after he realized I was not going to produce canned food.

It is a peaceful morning on MDI. There is a bit of a breeze blowing out there -- I can see the tree branches and leaves and stuff moving around, but it does not look like the wind that comes with rain, just the wind that comes with living on the coast. We got a good downpour last night and even some rumbles of thunder, so everything is damp and smells green and sweet. Fishing is probably going to stink pretty bad, and since nobody was too anxious to do it, I have no hostessing obligations this morning beyond my coffee and then getting breakfast. It is nice just to sit and enjoy this little moment of tranquility.

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