Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Now THAT's a toolbox!!

So I shared with a few people the big news of my new tool box purchase. Few seemed as excited about this event as I, but I can understand that, I suppose. I don't get all a-twitter about their purchases.

But this is a special tool box. It is HUGE. OK, not as huge as some, but still bigger than anything anybody I know owns. It is four feet wide, two feet deep and two feet tall. That's 16 cubic feet, more than your typical chest freezer. For tools.

I mentioned in passing that the Home Despot guys put it into my truck with a forklift, but nobody took the bait. I was very sad.

So I got the thing home and went to the lumber store to get some wood. And then I learned that it would not allow me to get a full sheet of plywood into the truck bed because the feet were in the way. OK, so I need to build a platform. I used some scrap stuff I had from the job I am working on and built a thing with 2X8s for the uprights and 2X12s for the platform, and 2X4s bracing the uprights and adding support. I then cut a couple of squared U-bolts to make L-bolts, drilled some holes in the lumber and hooked the L part into the holes in the box's feet, fed the threaded end through the wood and secured it with nuts and washers. There is probably 6 inches of clearance underneath, which is really more plywood than I want to work with at one time anyway. If I am working on a job that requires more than eight or nine sheets of plywood, I'll have it delivered.

So anyway, I have this spiffy cool tool box. It is mounted in my new truck and is now filled up with tools. I think it is just right for my needs. I can fit everything in it that I need, and I can take it out of the truck if I need to do that too. Of course, I may have to rent a couple of guys named Bubba and Urk to do the lifting, but it will come out.

Somebody please tell me it's cool.



j said...

Having seen this toolbox in the flesh, I can certainly say, that it, and the awesome truck, are the shiznit.

MRMacrum said...

The fact that you bought it to actually use it is what is cool. And it not being polished alloy diamond plate is really cool.

Truth be told, I never liked the one I had. Got rid of it after a month or so. Didn't like all my tools stacked in on top of each other. Went back to the individual crates and boxes I was using before. Besides, they all fit fine in rear of the king cab inside and out of the way, leaving me my whole bed for materials. Besides, I had to hang something from that rifle rack I bought for my levels. Some systems you don't mess with.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was going to comment on the utter coolness of the tool box without being prompted! :) That, m'dear, is one bitchin' box. I'm even more impressed that your truck is strong enough to haul that around along with lumber.
And I'm wondering how in hell to convert part of my fence into a gate without drama and/or trauma! LOL

Lis said...

That is one seriously EXCELLENT toolbox. Butch to the MAX! Nice not to have to worry about stuff being stolen or rained all over, isn't it?

Carlita said...

Definitely very cool. Next I think you need one of those big metal racks for ladders and such.