Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everybody's doing it

Seems like everybody out there in the blogosphere is posting eloquent and touching stories about how our world has changed since the attacks seven years ago.

I can't do it. I thought about it briefly this morning, and wrote a paragraph or two that I shared with friends, but that was about it. I am terrified of what our nation has become as a result of an uneducated cowboy in the White House and some crazy religious fanatics who hate us. The two unwittingly joined forces and made my country into the kind of place we read about in social studies when we studied life behind the iron curtain. The government spies on the citizens, dissenters "disappear," private "security firms" of mercenaries operate outside the law, torture is approved, the government behaves as though it is immune from oversight.

I have no poignant stories to tell this year. Instead, I have a plea.

Register to vote. And then educate yourself about the issues and exercise your right (privilege, honor, and obligation) to vote in November.


MRMacrum said...

You say you could not do it. I understand. I did not make note of it at all until my post of yesterday.

I agree with you with this exception. The Crazy cowboy and the zealots did not unwittingly join forces. It was planned and well executed. The groundwork being laid at least 30 years ago.

BTW - you have been tagged. Play if you want, oh Hell, you will do what ever you feel like. One of your attributes that attracted me.

I did not cop out on the story either. It is not over.

1138 said...

Crum has it dead on, at least 30 years.
I really couldn't write about it. I'd been to the dentist and the DMV with my wife and commented that it was odd the flag was at half mast at the town hall (city hall THEY call it, it's no city).
Turned on the radio an the Atlanta talk monster Boortz was at it full force.
I want America to reach the point where it stops wallowing, doesn't celebrate, and simply quietly remembers with dignity.
I'm tired of the odd collection bullies and cowards that have made a date (September 11th) theirs, so that that wave the bodies of the dead and dieing about in the air and chant slogans of hate against the world and their fellow Americans.
To hell with them, and if that's what that date is to be used for, then to hell with that date. I'll do my remembrance on September 12th while they are having their hangovers from "Patriot Day."

1138 said...

oh the above is this year, not 2001.
Back in 2001 I was actually troubleshooting telecom problems reported by, and talking to, folks at the WTC up until minutes before the second plane hit.

We didn't know.