Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, I am faced with a rainy morning, when I had grand and exciting plans for the day. Time to slow down, I guess.

I have been thinking about McCain's "that one" comment in Tuesday night's debate, but have decided that everyone has written and blogged and shouted about that really enough for my tastes. I do not think I could possibly offer anything new or constructive to that chorus. It was nasty and petty and abusive and indicative of a style that demeans opponents instead of treating them with respect. No more to say after that.

I think rainy days must be made for doing errands and paperwork. That and technical drawings. I think that is what I will end up doing today. With work tomorrow, I expect some great and dramatic pictures of progress.

Today's highlight: CSI Vegas tonight. Woo hoo!


MRMacrum said...

No I think we need your indignation about "that one' also. It's a blogging rule you know.

BTW - The real reason I stopped by was I remembered you saying you had trouble with how some blogs are set up. Color schemes, reading small fonts, etc. On mine anyway. My question - DO you have the Google tool bar on your screen? If you do, they have this spiffy feature where you can increase the size of the words for reading purposes. A little icon with a page and pencil that says "Page". Go to "Text Size" and punch it up. Works great. I use it all the time.

Candace said...

Thanks for stopping by mah blog! Hey, good news tonight - Palin officially found to have abused her power in troopergate. Woot! Of course, they waited 'til late Friday to announce, but still ... I hope this story has legs enough to last past the weekend.

What kind of puppy do you have? I just got a rescue after my dear little 14-yr-old terrier mix, Scruffybutt, died. The rescue, an Italian Greyhound puppy, just sort of fell into my lap - I wasn't planning on getting another dog so soon. But, I saw her and I'm in love.