Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's all fun and games...

Until this.

I don't know exactly what came off the angle grinder's knotted wire wheel, but it got past my safety glasses, the side shields, and came right up under, putting a hole in my cheek as it traveled up and over my eyelids. I can only guess that the impact with my cheek caused me to blink, thus saving the eye. We have yet to find a piece of metal.

It does not feel like there is anything in my cheek or in my eye, although things are continuing to swell nicely. This picture was taken about five minutes after it happened. If I think too much about it, my stomach just churns. I have no health insurance. I was wearing all of the protective gear I own for such things - respirator, safety glasses with side shields, earmuff hearing protection, heavy leather gloves. I had the good sense just to turn the grinder off and put it down, strip off the respirator and earmuffs and come directly upstairs to have L take a look at it.

My vision is OK, but I can feel a nice bruise starting. Ouch. Talk about suffering for one's art.

I think I will take a shower and make some nice cheddar-broccoli soup now. No more metal for me today. Tomorrow I will start anew.


Middle Aged Woman said...

got a really strong magnet?

msladydeborah said...


I hope that the metal is not embedded for your sake.

Here I was bitchin' about a sty that had been annoying me for the past couple of days. Then I read your post and realize that what I am experiencing is no biggie.

I hope you feel better.

Queenie said...

OH MY GODDESS! I cannot believe it got past all your safety gear. What if you wore one of those welding helmets with the big face shield, and safety glasses. Would that protect better? What a freak accident....ICE ICE ICE and have L kiss it and make it all better. You'll know soon if there's any metal in it. If it starts to fester, use a tea bag to draw it out. That's the mom in me speaking. The artist in me says way to go!

laughingatchaos said...

Oh hell. Yes, ice, ibuprofin, and TLC. And if you can get a full-face shield, DO! Hope you're feeling better!

Robin said...

Yikes! That must have been excruciating, not to mention scary as hell.

I hope all you need is ice and ibuprofen, with a healthy smear of arnica just to be sure.

MRMacrum said...

Safety gear is not infallible. Maybe a flip down face sheild might be in order. I always liked them better anyway since I wear glasses.

Definitely keep an eye on it. No pun intended. I get impaled regularly with tiny wire pieces from bike cables. They can get in and not want to come out.