Thursday, January 29, 2009

my country for snow...

Now I know that sounds weird, but honestly, what I wouldn't give for a simple snow storm about now. I just finished the first day of cleaning up a nasty snow/sleet/ice storm. It was horrible. Even though I had good people to work with AND I got to buy a flamethrower (no shit!). And I got to almost flirt with the straight girl who really trips my gaydar trigger, but hey. All the shoveling sucked. The snow was crusted with about a half-inch layer of this nasty ice stuff, and the fluffy stuff underneath was only fluffy for a while. Down at the bottom, where the snow meets the sidewalk or driveway? another layer of ice UNDER which was slush. It was just nasty. And I've got to go out there again tomorrow and finish. I may just bring marshmallows to liven it up.

If you're looking for enlightenment, education and/or entertainment tonight, try one of the blogs over there on the right. I'm headed to bed.


msladydeborah said...

We are experiencing the same weather conditions. Life in the snow belt is no joke.
This last storm was a nasty one.

Pleasant Dreams!

Carlita said...

My driveway is ridiculous right now. It's that layer of ice under the snow, and the landlord is a little negligent about providing sand it seems.

Forget wishing for a snowstorm. I'm wishing for a nice, long February thaw.

I was in BH for a little while yesterday on West Street. But someone else told me they saw someone who looked like me at the bank awhile ago, so I may have a look-alike over there, too. said...

Ugh. The world is our deathtrap. Too much ice.