Friday, April 2, 2010

thoughts on DADT

I saw in passing somewhere that a bigshot brass officer guy in the Marine Corps said he would request separate sleeping quarters for queer marines. He said he would not ask a Marine to sleep in a room with a gay soldier.

Let's be honest here. The fear is that a gay soldier will sexually assault a straight soldier. That is the real fear.

If I were a gay soldier, the very last person I would think to sneak up on in the night and fuck would be a trained Marine.

Just sayin'.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Military can be real assholes, yes? I guess non-military types can be, too. That said, I'm pretty sure the big brass types that are complaining are being not-so-subtlely asked to retire.

Ghost Rider said...

They are failing to realize that many of them already HAVE bunked with gay comrades. Oy, the stupidity. People need to get over themselves. Just 'cuz I like it, doesn't mean I like yours.