Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rememberance Day

I had planned to write something profound and moving about this Veteran's Day, but I was this video over at A Spot of T and it said more than I ever could. I do hope she does not mind that I lifted it wholesale from her site.

Thanks to our vets for their service. And thanks to those who serve now. We are all in your debt.

Please remember to take two minutes at 11 a.m. this morning to stand silently (if you are able) in honor of those who have served in our armed forces.


MRMacrum said...

Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo - imagine Twilight Zone music here.

I had just finished listening to and viewing that fine video of Terry Kelly's on your post. Rather than comment, I opened my emails and found someone named Anonymous had left me a website to visit in the comment section of my "Highway for Heroes" post. It was a direct link to Terry's site in Nova Scotia. Apparently no one wanted me to miss this excellent reminder of what a veteran is and does for the rest of us ungrateful slobs.

In case you are interested, here is the link - http://www.terry-kelly.com/pittance/pittance_en.htm

Go to the top bar and punch the video button. There is also an explanation of how Terry came up with the song in the first place.

If I had one hope, wish, prayer that might be answered, it would be that we had no need for Veteran's days, Remembrance Days, or Memorial Days. I have lived a life filled with war. And I am damn sick of it.

Queenie said...

Thank you for that video. I had been silently observing the day myself, as I echo MrMacrum's comment: I'm damn sick of war. Been here all my life. I remember a 22-hour bus ride to Washington D.C. with my grown daughter to protest the onset of the Iraqi War. She asked me "Did you ever think you would be doing this with your daughter?" and I answered "I never thought I have to do it again." Here's my greatest fear: that I will make that trip - a third time - with my granddaughter. PEACE

Joy T. said...

I don't mind at all, it's a powerful song and Terry Kelly is an amazing man.

Stickthulhu said...

It's a very good song; never heard it before, thank you for posting. Don't worry about not being long and profound. Economy is always good.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The shit was really starting to hit the fan in Viet Nam just as I was becoming politically aware in the early/mid sixties, and that conflict has, of course, informed my view of things, as did some Quaker relatives and a few years of Quaker meeting (against my will. I was a hardcore atheist in my midteens when I wasn't a Bhuddist).

I want to feel more grateful than I do. I want to be able to believe that the sacrifices these men and women are making/have made is worthwhile, that the world is a better place because they gave their lives, their limbs, their sanity. I can't get there. For me, this is a day of mourning. I mourn them all, those that make it home and those who don't, in whole or in part. I mourn the diversion of dedication and brainpower from the solutions to the countless troubles facing this earth and its people to the creation of chaos and death.

I wish I could think of it differently, so that some who have served won't feel as though I don't value them. But that's just it-I do value them, all of them, from the first one to get cracked over the head because a neighboring tribe aspired to control more land, to the child down the road who left for Iraq to save us all, and came back a broken man.

I've spent many miutes in contemplation of this today, and few days pass when that is not the case. I want this crap to stop. I don't want to have to weep for another one of "ours" or "theirs".