Monday, November 17, 2008

too tired

Nothing wears a body out like working outdoors on a cold November afternoon. On the bright side, the windows in the sunporch project begin the installation process tomorrow. On the downside, it is supposed to be bitter cold.

I worked at two jobs today, was filthy from head to foot by the time I had lunch at 10 a.m. and came home to make a nice pot of chili for Monday night football. Well fed, showered and with a warm puppy on my chest, I snoozed on the couch. Now I am headed to bed. This is my NaBloPoMo post for today. Anyone doesn't like it can write their own and leave me be. G'nite.


Stickthulhu said...

Good for you. I passed out, did absolutely nothing productive, and smeared three posts worth of drivel all over my site.

I think you win by a mile.

Joy T. said...

I agree, working outside in the cold does something completely different to the body then when it's a normal warm day. Rest up!