Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still tired but making progress

Here are the first two windows on the project. It is really cold and the work is fussy and hard, but the results are worth it. I'll be glad when all eight are in (four of each kind) and I can turn on the space heater and not freeze any more. The clapboards and trim are going to be a treat, though. Brr.

Too tired to post more than this today. Still eligible for NaBloPoMo fame though. If I'm posting this tired and cold, I better win some kind of prize. Sheesh.


Queenie said...

Gorgeous windows and a pat on the back for all the hard work. Also, thanks so much for your kind words yesterday and today. You are a true friend.

Robin said...

Looks fabulous! Any chance you can get one of those outdoor space heaters (gas-powered or with the orange coils) for the outside work? Might make things a little more comfortable/less miserable.