Monday, April 6, 2009

My knees are on fire

A few neat things going on with me lately.

First, my great friend LC has been up visiting and saving me from my own best intentions and ignorance on this job that never ends (aka the sun porch job). Yesterday and today we installed the hardwood floor. There is still a tiny bit to do, but it looks so damned good I had to share. My knees don't give a damn whether I use knee pads or not. The pressure of being on them is still awful and as soon as I finish this post I am going to go smear Biofreeze all over them and head to bed. But first look at what we did:

There will be a trap door in the floor. It goes in this space and is presently being held together with clamps. I think she's doing something really fussy to it - something about holding the hardwood securely to the plywood or something. Yeah. I dunno. I'm pretty sure Gollum lives down in this hole though. I know I was in there last summer when there was no building on top of it, but right now it just looks creepy. I'm sure there are 50-legged mutant spiders down there waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting person who wanders down to chase a dropped tool. I have been very careful with my tools.

LC also saved me from the butchery I was attempting on the window and wall trim. Here are some pictures of that.

With any luck, we'll finish up a good part of the trim, baseboards and floor tomorrow. After which I reserve the right to sozzle in a borrowed spa.


Carla Ganiel said...

What kind of wood is that on the floor? It's really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! I hope to heck the owners of that sunroom fall to their knees in thanks when it's done!
And I love that wood! What is it?
I have a real word for the word verification...strap...LOL!

Middle Aged Woman said...

gorgeous work!

Dusty said...

I love it..I love wood so much more than paint and carpeting.

It's quite are so good at what you do. ;)

Blazer said...

Dawn it looks amazing! You rock! Go I wish I could do work like that.

Queenie said...

Can I get that floor in my kitchen in Machias?

Diane said...

this looks beautiful, dawn. your work always looks so seemless! i wish i had your patience and talent :)

Snave said...

Wow, those are nice pictures of a beautiful job! We need to replace all the old rasty carpets in our house. We want nice wood floors, and those are amazingly nice wood floors. Wanna come get hired by the Snaves? 8-)

I love the Gollum hole/trapdoor setup. I am a speech therapist, and I work with kids in schools. One of the speech rooms I used a few years back had a trapdoor. When the kids used to ask me "What's that for?" or "What's down there?" my inner Gahan Wilson or Charles Addams would always come out. The answer would usually be something like "That's where we take kids for in-school suspension".

Dawn on MDI said...

Thanks all for the comments.

First, it is hickory flooring, 3/4 inch thick, 5 inches wide, tongue in groove (but you knew that), prefinished with a microbevel edge.

This was my first ever hardwood floor, and I could not have done it without the help of my friend and pseudo-mentor LC. I am just learning. The trick is to surround one's self with very smart, capable people and to learn from them.

As for patience, I have very little. But I am learning.

Now, Queenie, certainly you can have that floor in your house in Machias. I would be delighted to come do that.

Snave, I could do something like this for you, but I fear the travel costs might be a little extreme. I'll do it, but we'll have to work out the details. Drop me a note!

msladydeborah said...

Your work looks beautiful!

Have you ever tried Tiger Balm for your aches and pains? I swear by it. If you haven't tried this product before, let me encourage you to pick up a tin. It does wonders for the body. :-)

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Woman, that's beautiful! -C