Wednesday, April 15, 2009

yeah, that feels better!

This is what spring looks like:

We caught those little beauties last night not a half-mile from our home and less than a quarter-mile from where the creek meets the ocean. L caught the biggest one, I caught the other two.

These could be anadrymous trout, meaning that they spend part of their time in salt water and part of their time in the fresh water of the creek, but we could not tell. When anadrymous trout first return from salt to fresh water, their skin is very silvery and the color of their flesh is sort of pinkish, almost like salmon, but lighter. The color fades after a few weeks in the fresh water and they look like regular trout. These girls (all three were female) were all the characteristic greenish with bright spots and blunt tail and pale whitish flesh that mark the native Maine brook trout.

They were delicious. I ate them for breakfast today. Dredged in an egg wash with milk and then dusted vigorously with flour and a little cornmeal. I fried them in just the littlest bit of olive oil (we were out of regular oil) and splashed a little lemon juice on them at the table. Utterly divine!

No fishing today - too much to do - but maybe tomorrow. It's supposed to be a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Spring? What's that? We might get a foot of snow on Friday. Yeah. I know.

Robin said...

Fish aren't my cup of tea but I'm glad that spring is finally arriving at your part of the world.

Anonymous said...

You are smart and interesting and handy, Lady.

msladydeborah said...

I bet they were delicious!

Spring is in the air in the O-State. Along with the possibility of frost tonight! :-)

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Dawn: I've got to tell you that you totally inspire me. I sit at home at 49 being a real drip about stuff. I pick up a paint brush makes me tremble with conniptions (sic?) and going fishing...well, I'd freak out. But woman, you're inspiring me!!! Don't know if I'll get all woodsy self-reliant anytime soon. Don't even know if I'll even attempt anything woodsy or workwomanlike. But dang, it's inspiring. Those fish look good. Maybe in a couple years I'll actually brave it and go camping or put in a window pane. We have to start small, you know.-C