Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yep, it's pretty big!

Yes, this is the bad boy we'll be taking to Augusta next week to support marriage equality in Maine. We plan to fill it full of people and love. There's lots of room. Take a look:

There are 14 rows of seats, and two big girls like L and me will fill one of those seats. I imagine three skinny college girls might be squashed into one, but it will be snug. So that means we really have room for 56 passengers. L will have to snuggle up with someone else, because this is my seat:

I get to run all the buttons and knobs and stuff. The two pedals on the right are the accelerator and the brake pedals. The two buttons on the left are my directional signals and the third button, visible between the steering wheel and the seat, is for the high beams. All those other buttons and knobs run the heat, the fans, and various and sundry lights and doors and such. The CD player is over head. It's gonna be cool. I imagine everyone will sleep on the way there in the morning and be exhausted on the way home. I'll bring a couple of cds just in case. I'm betting the college and high school kids will all have ipods and be unimpressed with the bus' fancy audio system. Us old farts are gonna think it's wicked cool, though.


Anonymous said...

That is one big.old.bus. Have a great time on this trip, may it be productive! Drive safely.
And kids ride that? Dang.

msladydeborah said...

Have a safe and productive trip.

Th' Rev said...

Should we start calling you Ralph :).
Good luck and all is love and life is life...ya know? know.
Go see our new baby...:)

Dusty said...

Woot! you get to drive it? Cool! ;)