Saturday, November 14, 2009

post your comments please

It feels like I hit a wall today.

I was energized and fired up about a bunch of stuff and now I am pooped.

We had an informal post-mortem on the campaign today at a local pol's house, and it seems like we all were in agreement on the basic things that went well, went not-so-well, and what we'd like to do better with in the future. I think it was good to have such a meeting, and I wonder if other groups in the state did the same thing.

I am so tired tonight. I don't know why, but I am. I was fired up and now I'm spent. I guess I just am going to tire more easily for a while. Oh well. Forgive this lame post, but I met my NaBloPoMo obligation and now I'm going to bed.

Oh, if you are so inclined, this fun thing has been flying around on facebook. If you and I woke up in a jail cell together, in FOUR WORDS ONLY, what would you say? Post 'em in the comments section, if you would, please. I need a laugh.


dolphyngyrl said...

That was fun. Again?

Chef Cthulhu said...

My four words: "Nice to meet you."

Been a while...I wanted to say "what a freakin' load of horseshit" the "Yes" vote on 1 was and I wish you all strength as you carry on.

Robin said...

Same as I said on FB -

It was worth it :).

Anonymous said...

I call Bottom Bunk!

I missed this on Facebook...guess I'm outta the loop:)
Hope you had a good rest and that you have a beautiful Sunday.

louise said...

Next time no witnesses!

Freedomgirl said...

OMFG said...

"You're right, not funny."