Monday, June 30, 2008

Not in control

Sometimes the wisest thing to do is nothing. Today was like that.

I have been painting like a fiend a little house that the real estate lady wants very badly to show this week. Only the owner very badly wants it painted inside first. So I put in a weekend's worth of crazy hours and then today was over there at 7 a.m. painting that goddamnable sprayed-on popcorn ceiling shit. Nasty, nasty stuff. So we got the first coat of paint on the walls, chased away the drips as best as we could, painting over the ones left by the last painters, and waited to put on the second coat.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Does that look dry?

I dunno. Maybe its just shiny paint. I thought we got satin, but... shit. Still wet.

Of course the humidity is up around 95% with thick fog coating everything with wet and doors sticking because the wood is swelled with the moisture. Oh yeah, that paint's gonna take its sweet time to dry.

So I came home to think. Only I got a message from a client canceling a HUGE job I had planned to start tomorrow. Shit fuck piss damn. fuckfuckfuckfuck. Grrrrr!

Ok, there's nothing to do for it, I guess. I called around and canceled the scaffolding delivery, the reservation on the pressure washer and told my brother in law that I wouldn't be needing his help after all. Shit shit shit.

Oh well. I had to let it go. The client felt bad and has offered to pay me for the time invested so far, and I may charge her for that, but that's ok.

I had really planned on having that money in my checking account this week, though. Rent is due tomorrow and I haven't got it. I may have it from this other job I'm on, but that check's going to come in the mail, probably at the end of the week. So I'm stuck. There is not much I can do, save vent a little and let it go. I'll tell the landlord that he'll have his check by Saturday if that's ok, and keep on working as best I can.

And willing the paint to dry.

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MRMacrum said...

The Universe seldom picks up it's pace when you need it too. Good post. Made me chuckle. Is that okay?