Saturday, June 28, 2008


As I tend to do, I just bit off more than I can handle, I think.

I got a call to do an estimate the other day. I went over and took some pictures, came home and typed out a very thorough assessment, recommendation and estimate. Today I got a call from the property owner. The real estate lady plans to show the house this week, but the owner wants it painted before that happens, so could I just hop on over there and do that?

I took temporary leave of my senses and said "Sure, I can do that."


No, I can't do that. Not without help anyway. Lots of help. And everybody I know is busy tomorrow. Crap crap crap.

I got over there tonight and put up a bunch of tape and drop cloths everywhere and I managed to get some mud in the obvious holes, but tomorrow is going to be hellish. I have to prime and paint all of the walls and ceilings in a one-bedroom house. Thank god the trim is stained and will not require paint. This is nuts.

And tonight as we were examining the walls, it appears that the tenants stripped off the old wallpaper and painted over the remaining glue. It's nasty, but there is not much I can do about that right now. My job is just to get it clean and ready to sell, and that's what I plan to do. The new owner will probably gut the thing anyway and do it all over the way they want.

If anybody out there (all four of you reading that is) needs something to do tomorrow, you know how to get in touch with me. Yikes!

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