Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have much to talk about, but too much going on right now to sit down and get it all on the page.

Miracles are happening this week.

First, a friend sent me a note with a check. A big check. Enough to get us through this month and be OK. The note said to consider it an interest-free loan to be paid back when I am able. I read it and cried. I am so blessed to have friends who can do things like that for me.

Second, my aunt in Massachusetts sent us a check to help with some of the bills as well. The knife has been lifted.

And third, I applied for one job, and am in the process of applying for another, and then I got a call from the bus/taxi company people (remember them - we brought the bus to the hearing back in May?). She's jammed up and needs bodies in cars NOW. Like tomorrow morning, and do I have time?

No shit. What a day to be me.

It's amazing. I think we're gonna be ok.

bisy backson.


Th' Rev said...

That's really cool to hear...We are blessed with friends like that as well and have also been in the position to be able to give a hand up in the's true what is said about karma.
Good for you guys.

Middle Aged Woman said...

good things happen, too!

msladydeborah said...

Hi Dawn,

There's nothing like a shower of blessings!

Leo MacCool said...

oh that's excellent news. you two deserve kindness and generosity--you are some very kind & generous people, yourselves. and dude. i have always wanted to drive a taxi. have fun.