Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Got some stuff goin' on, I do.

Seem to be at a crossroads of life.

Thinking about working for a living. Like for someone else. Yeah, I know.

Got a couple of things swirling in the pot of stuff that is my life at this moment.

the jury on one item is out for at least another 24 hours.

I'll let you know how it comes out, I promise. Plan B depends kinda on how plan A shakes out. Again, I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I've been busy running around and trying to coordinate things so Laura and I can get married this fall.

As you may know, earlier in the spring, Maine's Legislature passed and our Governor signed into law a bill to allow for same-sex marriages. Laura and I set a wedding date for September 19, the first Saturday after the law is due to go into effect.

But then some pissants decided that our getting married would stop the world turning, so they hired some people to collect signatures and they are going to force a state-wide referendum on the issue this November. That's right: the whole state of Maine will have an opportunity to vote on whether Laura and I get to be married. How ridiculous is that?

So now we're organizing. I mean, we were organized before, but now we are mobilizing. We've got committees and offices set up everywhere, we're asking people to pledge their support and Vote No On 1 in November. We're gonna have to raise a ton of money, and that sucks. Because really, I'd rather see that energy and money all go into solving other pressing problems, like health care or school budgets or affordable housing. Not fighting a political battle of epic proportions just so we can be married.

We're doing what we can. We're organizing house parties, phone banks and volunteer trainings. We ask people to give and give and give some more. We talk to neighbors and friends and coworkers and employers and the folks at the grocery store. This is how we're going to win this thing.

We can do it. I know we can.

If a skinny law professor-turned first term Senator with dark skin and a crazy name can become President of the United States, then we can do this small thing. Obama won because he competed in every state and territory. The way for us to win is to do the same. We need to compete in every county, every town and every village. We are not going to win them all, but we are going to be like people's fucking credit cards: Everywhere they want to be.

This is about love and it is about fairness. While Mainers aren't much for talking publicly about such mushy stuff as love, we have a keen idea what is meant by fairness. That means everybody plays by the same rules, even the fella you don't like so much. Rules is rules, and that's fair. And that is all we're asking for - rules that apply to us all equally.

We can do this.

Yes we can.

If you're reading this from somewhere out of state and want to help, click on THIS LINK and make a donation. I don't care if you tell them I sent you, just give what you can. This means an awful lot to us. Thanks.


Middle Aged Woman said...

You need to get in touch with the people still fighting Prop. 8 in California. Get them to add a tag line to the end of Prop 8: The Musical on FunnyorDie, with a link for a donation. That video still gets thousands of hits.

Anonymous said...

Now that's more like it.

Kick some ass.