Thursday, July 23, 2009

sexy is...

This new belt buckle.

Actually the buckle is old - 1975 is the date etched in in the back of the thing. Artist etched "IVAAN 1975" on the back with block letters. It appears to be a cast piece, probably pewter and pretty hard, so I can only imagine that it is not the only one of its kind out there.

We haven't been able to learn much about him, other than he died fairly recently and there is an exhibit of some of his work currently on display at a museum in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The buckle was the gift of a friend who wore it in her younger, wilder days carrying on with Midwestern suburban housewives during those heady years of sexual revolution. She put it away years ago, and recently decided it was a thing I could wear and carry off. I am honored to wear it, and spent several delightful minutes tonight at the political volunteer phone bank thing showing it off to the women there. I am beginning to really understand the appeal of this buckle.

The belt was custom-fitted, punched and cut to length for me by a guy I know from church who looks vaguely like Santa's evil twin. Helluva guy. We talked politics and Unitarianism and special orders (he won't do 'em - pick something he's made or get out!) and had a great time.

The woman who gave me the buckle I know from church as well. The minister has seen it and raved about it. Both directed me to Bob the leatherworker for a new belt. Bet your church ain't as much fun as mine!


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c8 said...

wow. now THAT is a buckle. and you would win that bet, with me at least!! heh.

1138 said...

I had one like it, or very much like it back in '75.
I was sold by a company in the back pages of one of the mens magazines (Hustler I think). One of my buddies bought one for each of us on the sports team. I was borrowed, lost or stolen a long time ago.