Sunday, December 14, 2008

I guess it's unanimous, then.

I couldn't say it any better than the Iraqi journalist who called McBush a dog and flung his shoes (both of them!) at the Current Occupant.


Of course the boy wonder in the presidential Under-Roos was oblivious to the fact that shoe-throwing is the highest insult one man can offer another in Middle-Eastern culture and likened it to an American free-speech issue and said the guy wanted to bring attention to himself.


January 20, 2009 cannot, I repeat, CANNOT come soon enough.

The scariest part, though? No secret service goons were anywhere to be seen until well after the guy ran out of shoes to throw. If he'd had a weapon, the Evil Dick would be president right now.


A Spot of T said...

I saw this on the news this morning and thought the same thing about the secret service. No one rushing in front to take the shoe in the chest for the president. Weird.

Bull said...

Probably because everyone who was there had been vetted by Secret Service beforehand - meaning they'd passed through the magnetometer, been patted down, sniffed for explosives and had whatever they were bringing in opened and checked by Secret Service. Everyone in that room was "clean"; ergo, no body-armor-wearing agents who may have to sacrifice their lives.

I've worked with Secret Service before on an executive-level visit to my workplace - very thorough, unbelievably professional. If you want to bring a notebook in proximity, then that notebook will be flipped through well ahead of time, and if you ain't on the access list with plenty of time to spare, you don't get in either.

Odd thing...if he'd done that six years ago, that photo would have been the last Mr. al-Zeidi's family would have seen of him.

dolphyngyrl said...

What? And neither shoe beaned him directly in the forehead?

So sad..

Queenie said...

There are moments such as these that will remain pleasantly imbedded in my memory as highlights in my life. Shoes to the head - fantastic. And I think they should not only free the journalist that threw the shoes, but buy him a new home, name a building after him and make his birthday a national holiday. He spoke for us all.

Anonymous said...

I'm just so disappointed that he missed. I mean, damn, the Current Occupant stood back up and the guy had a second shoe! Can't wait to see what Olbermann has to say tonight; I'm hoping for his stick figure theater. ;)

Kay said...

Yeah... I wondered about the SS myself... maybe they were like.. "hmm... should we get involved? Yeah -sigh- guess so...."

Anonymous said...

Too bad he didn't have something pointier than a pair of shoes. Except I think Dick Cheney would be even worse.

Good thing January is right around the corner!