Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quinn's new boots

Attention! Especially for the ladies!!

Go pee now. Before you hit play.

Just trust me.

OK, this is probably the most horrible quality video you'll see on YouTube. It is my little dog's new boots and her second time ever wearing them. She is not terribly thrilled with them.

Of course there is a legitimate reason why we have these boots for this little dog. Her feet have been through an awful lot. For the first year of her life, Quinn was in a puppy mill. Her feet never touched the ground, only the wire cage in which she lived. When the mill was raided and she was rescued, her feet were swollen to nearly three times their normal size and she could hardly walk on them. After months with a holistic vet and tender treatment in foster care and with us, her feet are still sensitive. So much so that she could not walk for just five minutes yesterday in a snowy parking lot. Her little feet hurt so badly that she just laid down on her side in the parking lot and tucked her feet up so they didn't touch the snow. It nearly broke my heart. So today we took some of our Christmas money and bought her some boots to protect her little feet.

That's me on the right in the black jeans and work boots. L is the one running the camera and laughing like a lunatic. Enjoy.


Laura said...

Lunatic, huh? Well then I see how it is. By the way whose bringing the herbs behind that gym?

Mary Lynn said...

Cute video...I do hope she gets used to wearing the boots soon so she can walk in the snow okay. Poor little dog--what a rough start she had. She's lucky to have found her way into your home.

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can't decide...Bambi on the ice, or having a seizure. LOL! She's so sweet. Poor puppy, what she's been through! If I knew all that about my sweet Rosie, my heart would break. Maybe it's best I don't know her past. Quinn is lucky to have you and Laura.

MRMacrum said...

Lol! That was great. Put a fuzzy hat and a snow suit on Quinn and he will look like the oddest four legged child outside on the local sleddin hill. Had a friend with a dog sporting the same feet issues as Quinn. The booties definitely helped that dog.

Merry Christmas you ladies over to MDI

Robin said...

ROFL. Poor little Quinn, I hope the boots help.

A Spot of T said...

Aww Quinn darling, I've been to parties like that and bonked into my bed too. LOL Poor little pup, but I bet her feet are thanking you for those boots when she's outside. And I hear puppy mill and just want to cry at what human beings are capable of doing. Thank goodness Quinn has you!

Dawn on MDI said...

OK, Joy wins the best comment prize. I've read it a dozen times now and it makes me giggle EVERY time! L is getting distinctly tired of hearing me say "I've been to parties... bonked into my bed.. heheheheheee"

Haven't got an actual prize to award, but if I did, Joy'd get it.