Thursday, December 25, 2008

One last puff...

It's nearly 11 p.m. on Christmas night. The presents have been opened and appropriately admired; dinner has been cooked and eaten, and also admired; friends have been visited, cookies delivered and arguments over religion concluded on friendly terms ('tis the season for miracles, I am told).

I got a new coffee pot to replace my old one that broke. I got a new immersion blender (sexy stainless one from Cuisinart!) to replace my aging one, and new bedroom slippers. I am delighted. Oh, and a new pair of Carhart work pants, which I am wearing now, and a Maine cookbook that has lots of cool stuff in it that I don't have in my other cookbooks. L got a computer game that measures her brain age, plus a little cartridge that allows her to curse at 41 different games. She seems quite happy. Quinn got two jackets, a series of squeaky/chewy toys and a little electric pencil sharpener thing to trim her nails. She seemed most pleased with the leftover gravy from lunch that ended up in her kibble dish. My aunt got a gorgeous Alfred Dunner red wool coat, a turtleneck/fleece sweater ensemble, a hooded sweatshirt with a map of MDI so she can point to where we live, and a few odds and ends. She also seemed quite pleased with our gift-selecting abilities.

My aunt - who is in fact a retired school principal - is upstairs in bed and has successfully been prevented from learning of the existence of this blog. Devout Catholic that she is, she prefers not to acknowledge things that make her uncomfortable. Knowing that I have a secret thing like this would make her uncomfortable, ergo, she does not see it. It is a similar thing to the "somebody else's problem shield" described by Douglas Adams in his Hitchiker's Guide series. Look it up, it's worth reading - all of it. Reading them in order helps.

We're looking forward to heading home tomorrow morning. We've got some friends to see and visits to make on the way, plus the good Father L. gave us each gift cards to a local grocery chain, so we're going to stock up on stuff we can't find back in Maine - Italian specialty items, cheap meats, ground chourizo, that kind of stuff. We'll be home hopefully by suppertime and before the weekend's anticipated foul weather. I'd rather be there if the basement is going to flood.

I have an estimate to put together for a woman here in Massachusetts that could net me a nice chunk of change, although it will mean that I'll have to come down for a week or so to do it. I am not sure how much I want to do that and be away from home, but we'll see what happens. I'll quote a price that makes it worth my while and see what she says. If it's entertaining at all, you'll read about it here.

The clock on Episcopal church around the corner has just struck 11. It's time to tuck in for the night. We've got some packing and getting ready to do in the morning before we hit the road. The holiday is mostly over and we have managed to survive it. Here's hoping that you all have survived as well. Happy Holidays, all!


dolphyngyrl said...

My son just got the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The full series. Because he asked for it for Christmas. I may have to borrow it. After I read the Neil Gaiman books the kids got. :)

MRMacrum said...

Yes, "Hitchiker" is best read in order. Sounds like you are enjoying a nice visit back to the homeland. And it sounds like your construction business is firing on all cyclinders. Not many up Maine can say that right now. All my nail banging buddies are either out of work, or will be by Spring if something does not break loose.

Your Aunt sounds like my Sister in Law. Catholics learn early the art of denial.

And BTW - I have decided to take you up on the NaBloPoMo thing. I just finished registering. What I did not know until I actually took the time to find out was they have a monthly theme. Well, my theme is going to be different I am sure. My upcoming post will fill in the details.

Robin said...

I keep meaning to buy the Hitchhiker series so that I can reread them all. It's been too many years.

Glad the visit is nearly concluded without any major fireworks. I kept thinking of "The Christians and the Pagans" (you know that song, right?) while I was reading your post.

One more day and I come out from behind the gym too.

laughingatchaos said...

Damn, I love the Hitchhiker series. I'll have to pull them back out.
And, um, butch girls? Don't doubt your taste. Taste is taste and that coat sounds beautiful! Good job.
A stainless immersion blender? Mmmm...I love my cheapie plastic one.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Love the 'Behind the Gym" idea. I was a good girl in school, and I still knew what you meant! Love it.