Monday, January 4, 2010


OK, so these are not whiz-bang beautiful shots like some of my friends make, these are just pictures I took today of places I shoveled yesterday.

First, I had to get out the door. This was problematic.

The first place I shoveled was the church. It has a ramp, some sidewalks, and some paths through the yard. Take a peek.

And these are the front steps. They are daunting when covered with snow, trust me.

After the church was done, I went to visit a lady who used to ride my bus and whom I help out with chores like snow removal and trash pickup and such. She has a short walkway, but I did have to rake the snow off her roof as well to prevent her from getting whacked by one of the growing icicles along the eave.

Last place I went to was the place with the metal roof and the big deck that I had such a time clearing from accumulated snow and ice last year. Here's what it looked like after 24 hours of intermittent rain and warm temperatures.

Today we went to the big box hardware store to pick up some conduit and then I came home and did some really cool geometry like I showed you the other day and tomorrow I might do some puttering in the basement.

Stay tuned.

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