Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rainbow bath

I just discovered the most wonderful thing.

I am sitting at my new writing space working on a sermon for next weekend, a task that suddenly seems far more serious than it did even a week ago.

It is afternoon, and the sun is streaming in the window to my right, where Quinn's perch is. The sun is not hitting me, precisely, but it is hitting a prism I hung there ages ago and forgot about. And it is throwing a rainbow right into the space where I will rest my chin in my hand on my desktop. My face is bathed in the rainbow of light. I don't know if there is any relevance or anything there, but I like it. If you want to read all kinds of hocus-pocus-it-must-be-a-sign-from-god into it, by all means go ahead. For me, I will accept this little gift of a rainbow bath on my face as just that: a gift.

From nature, if you insist on a source citation.



Miss Trudy said...

Yes, nature has a way of bringing us these happy moments, if we only care to pay attention. A bird chirp at the right moment, a leaf slowly spiraling down in front of us, the glow of sunlight on fog ... we should appreciate those special moments and hold on to them. Life can be crappy enough as it is! Be well.

Queenie said...

Are those unexpected little gifts the very best? And you never would have seen it if you hadn't rearranged the room....hummmmmmm. I'll bet there is some kind of spiritual lesson in there. But I'd be happy just for the colors...