Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hope in Maine

Today, my state senator, the wonderful, straight, married, hard-working decent man Dennis Damon, introduced legislation that would make it possible for L and I to get married.

I have known Dennis to be a stand-up guy before, known him to stick to his principles even when he thinks nobody's looking, known him to have a very real sense of right and wrong. He is one of my favorite straight guys in the world.

I am beyond words about what this might mean for us. It is bigger than I can grasp right now.

Here is the official press release from our queer lobbying organization. Blogroll buddy Darlene Huntress over at the Slant is one of the big shots there. She hasn't been posting lately, and I am beginning to understand why. This announcement must have kept her very very busy in the preparation.

Keep us all in your prayers. This has promise but it could get very very ugly first.


I just left the State House, where EqualityMaine and several of our coalition partners announced a bill for marriage equality. It was an extraordinary moment, and the start of a major new journey.

If this bill passes -- and if we can uphold it at the polls -- Maine will join Massachusetts and Connecticut in allowing civil marriage for same-sex couples.

We have growing support in the Legislature, but the road to victory has only just begun. The fight won't be easy, and we need you to get involved with this campaign right now.

Please join EqualityMaine at one of our statewide community conversations in February so we can share our strategy and get to work.

Someone in Augusta asked me today if I thought we could really win marriage in Maine. My reply: we wouldn't introduce this bill if we didn't think we could win.

Our community is one of our greatest strengths. Together, we've won hate crimes protections, nondiscrimination legislation, family medical leave provisions and more. Together, we will win marriage.

But we can't do it without you. RSVP for a community event in Bangor, Augusta, Portland or Lewiston/Auburn.

A discussion about marriage has been going on for years, in Maine and nationwide. Recently we've seen equality prevail in Massachusetts and Connecticut and be narrowly defeated in California. What will happen here?

That's up to us -- and you. Please RSVP today to attend one of our February conversations.

Thank you for being part of this historic moment.


Betsy Smith
Executive Director


Robin said...

This gave me shivers! What a wonderful thing it would be to see another state recognize that everyone has the right to love freely, as they choose, and to enshrine that love in any way they feel is right for them.

Queenie said...

WAHOOO! I know there is a long way to go but I have such confidence in the people of Maine. I just know this will succeed. I really want to be invited to the nuptuals...I'll take pictures!

Dusty said...

After living through the nightmare of Prop 8 here in Cali, I have little faith in people...but I do still have hope Dawn.

I hope it happens for you and your loved one...I hope it happens for all LGBT's in Maine.

twoladiesinwaiting.com said...

Oh, I likned to you today. Great news, great news. I'm glad we have a good one on the ground in Maine.

Queenie said...

I have just awarded you the Honest Scrap Award! go to my blog for all the details.

Kay said...

/claps with hope and joy!

Oh YAY! I hope it works out! Good news!

laughingatchaos said...

Oh, I hope I hope I hope. If Colorado can go from the Hate State to all blue, this too can happen. It would be wonderful if it did.
I found out that some gay friends of ours got married in CA's brief window and I was just so happy for them. Everyone should have the opportunity to marry. Everyone.

A Spot of T said...

Crossing everything I have this will be a success!

Bull said...

That is great! My best wishes for success...

ramblingwoods.com said...

If anyone can do it, Maine can do it. But there are an awful lot of very dedicated people working against it..But maybe..Obama got elected..maybe...I hope so....

BTY..above, I didn't know there were body parts that you can get pierced in Maine..Interesting..came over from Around the Kitchen Island...