Saturday, January 3, 2009

It just feels... off

Today felt like Sunday. All day. Very strange.

Tomorrow I leave for the South (Massachusetts) for work, which means it ought to be a Monday, which means today should be Sunday. Only it's not. And it's been screwing with me all day.

I never got out of my pajamas today - slept in, make two batches of bagels to use as sustenance for me while I'm gone and for L while I'm gone. She loves egg bagels, and the pumpernickel ones, too. Sure feels like Sunday there.

I've done all I can to to prepare for tomorrow's trip. I've made lists and lists and more lists and really all there is for me to do is just get on the road and do it. Actually, there is a ton of stuff that is in limbo right now. Like the suitcase can't be fully packed until morning when I pack my toiletries kit and my good toothpaste. And when I pack my good C-Pap. No way I'm using the spare for a whole week - I'd be unfit to drive coming home.

I'll have to pack the usual last-minute things too. Some grocery stuff, the laptop, cell phone, camera and all associated chargers. I have to pack my big book, my daily reader book and my serenity. I'm going to need it this week.

And honesty, I'll need it because the job I am going to do is a tough one that will require all of my brains and brawn and tools and every bit of delicate touch I can muster. It's going to be a fussy one, that's for sure, and I will be hard pressed to get it all done in the time I have allotted. I may have to pay a guy or two to haul the debris downstairs and out to my truck, but that's ok. It'll be worth it if it helps get things done in time.

This post is really something of a space-filler. I need one for today and I don't have much to talk about, so you get whatever falls out of my forehead onto the keyboard. I have a list of profound, deep, thought-provoking topics stuck to my computer, but I just haven't got the gumption to start one of them right now. Perhaps tomorrow after I get settled in.

I'm itchy to get going now. I'm ready. Emotionally, tool-wise, everything is pretty much ready to go.

But I'll stay. I think I'll take a nice long shower now before bed. Pack my good new slippers in my suitcase so they'll be ready to go. Enjoy a snuggle with L and the diminutive pooch. Maybe watch a ball game. The Pats are out of the playoffs (an 11-win team is out, but an 8-8 buncha schmoes is in?!?! That's a crime!) so I don't much care what happens now. But I'll watch the big guys chase the ball up and down the field. Maybe make some popcorn. Enjoy the last 16 hours or so I have left here before I leave my bed and my home for a week.

Matter of fact, I'm going to go do that now. See you tomorrow from down south. I'll be the one skulking behind the gymnasium.


Bull said...

The day before travel always feels that way. Figuring out how much of your life you can put in the bags, try and which may or may not match how much you SHOULD put in them; it's always a challenge to try and figure out just how much of it to leave behind.

And don't remind me of the 8-8 schmoes! I am actually pulling for Indy this hurts, oh it hurts. At least I respect Manning more than Rivers, which makes it somewhat easier.

Anonymous said...

It's felt like Sunday for the last coupla days and it's been driving me nuts. Good luck with your trip and the job!

Distributorcap said...

well it is sunday and i wish it was last week - this has been a nice few days off

i hope the job goes well!

wanna come build my closet?

MRMacrum said...

The last snow storm caused me to fall one day behind. I lost Sunday and when Monday came up, I was sure it was Sunday. Then on Tuesday, thinking it was Monday, I went to the dump and cussed them out for being closed on Monday. Anyway, just a note to say I can relate to how one day feels like another.

Good luck on getting that small reno job done in time and on budget. Long distant nail banging can be a pain. You always leave something home you wish you had brought with you. At least I always have.