Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missed goal

I am not one to get wrapped up in goals and setting high targets and all. Certainly I do hold everyone and everything - including myself - to very high standards, unreasonably high standards, I am told, but sometimes I am willing to let a thing go.

This NaBloPoMo thing, for instance. I signed up to blog every day in January, and I have now missed two days. One time I was riding in a tow truck with my disabled vehicle for four hours and did not get home in time to post, and yesterday I just had a brain cramp. Or something. I know I was very busy cutting and cleaning up metal yesterday afternoon, then I had an adult ed class in home wiring (wicked cool!) that went until 9 p.m., and quite frankly, after Tuesday's high, Wednesday didn't leave me much to talk about.

So I have missed the goal. But I hope to keep posting daily for the rest of the month. The writing and thinking exercise is good for me, and it costs nothing. And the routine is good for me as well.

So, to the NaBloPoMo gods: sorry about that. I will probably sign up again next month and try another time, but I don't think I will break my neck trying to meet a fabricated goal. Welding my bench in time for the FFFlea? Yes. Completing another job so that we have money to go to the FFFlea? Yes. Blogging? No. Sorry, but there it is. And now I have to go to work. Good day all.


dolphyngyrl said...

Next month should be super easy. Only 28 days. :)

PS: Now you know why some of us preschedule our blog posts.

asthmagirl said...

I don't do NabloPoMo monthly anymore, although I usually post daily. I'm shunning committment!

A Spot of T said...

I couldn't even imagine doing NaBloPoMo every month. I'm strictly a November gal....and even that just about makes my head explode.