Tuesday, January 27, 2009

running before the wind

Today I decided to put in a bunch of materials at the place I have been working at on-and-off for the last half of my life it seems (since October). This would be that sun porch with all the windows and the fancy carved eave rafters. I went to the lumber store and picked up my boxes of hardwood flooring, some drywall and some trim boards. Then I called a friend to help me schlep it all into the house. Those bundles of hickory flooring are damned heavy!

This sudden flurry of actual work-related activity is due to the semi-hysterical weather reports I've been hearing in the past 24 hours.

"Storm's a-comin' " the weather guy screams. "Lotsa snow! Lotsa wind! Gonna be cold as all get-out!"

I took heed and packed all the materials I am going to need into the house so that I don't have to carry it in through foul weather. I can go there and work just as snug as a bug in a rug and let mother nature do her worst outside. I'll have a radio, a thermos and a quartz heater. Who could ask for anything more? Well, a toilet handy would be nice, but I can just zip home in less than three minutes to use the facilities, grab a snack, and head back to work. Makes perfect sense to me.

Then I got home and checked the weather report on line. The Weather Underground didn't say precisely how many inches of snow we're supposed to get, but they said it was definitely going to snow. I scrolled down the page to look at the details. Here is the actual text from the weather service Winter Storm Advisory that was posted on line:
Snow is expected to overspread the area Wednesday morning and
continue through Wednesday night. The snow is expected to mix
with or change to a period of sleet and freezing rain during
Wednesday evening. Storm total snow accumulations are expected to
range from 5 to 9 inches across the region by early Thursday
morning... with the highest amounts inland away from the immediate
coast. Any ice accumulation is expected to be a quarter of an inch
or less.
Oh. We're gonna get six inches of snow, and maybe some sleet and freezing rain. We always get sleet and freezing rain. That's why we're on the coast. It's what weather does here. Inland they'll get lots of fluffy snow. Here we'll get six inches of slush and crap. For this I got all excited and nearly gave myself a hernia moving lumber? Phah! What crap.

I am tempted to hit the grocery store, though. Not because I am a-feared that we're gonna be snow-bound like the Donner Party, but because I have a recipe for oven roasted beets in a salad of baby spinach leaves with goat cheese and walnuts that I really want to try. Served with roasted chicken and brown rice. Sounds yummy, doesn't it? See? So I might just go to the store. It's late enough now that I don't think I'll have to battle the hysterical hordes. Just a few people out for some last-minute things.

Note to non-Mainers. It is 7 p.m. as I type this. My local grocery store closes at 8 p.m. So, yes, 7 p.m. IS late to be shopping for groceries. At least here it is.

That's it. I'm off. I gotta have those beets.

And tomorrow, while the "storm" rages on, I'll hang drywall and put up trim. Yeah.


Carlita said...

Well, at least now it's done!

I have bottled water on hand and will have to remember to run a couple buckets for flushing the toilet since I live on the part of MDI that seems to lose power every time the wind blows!

Robin said...

That salad sounds delicious! Recipe please :).

Marc L said...

Dammit Dawn, besides all of your talk about drywall and siding and all of that - your recipes and food talk makes me hungry.

Screw Danny Boome on FoodTV -- bring on Dawn Fortune!!

Snave said...

Beets are good stuff, and they are often worth a cold trudge through icky weather. Here I thought we had it bad where I live with wind chills of zero degrees and powdery snow billowing around all over like little clouds in the steady 15-25 mph wind. Then I saw where someplace in Maine had a low of something like minus 44... scheise... Stay warm, stay dry, and nourish thyself! 8-)