Wednesday, January 7, 2009

progress not perfection

Oof. After yesterday's mishap involving a hammer (my small one, thankfully) and my finger, today didn't go all that fantastically well either.

I managed to get the last two pieces of wonderboard cut, drilled and hung in a timely fashion, then I cut up the fiberglass cloth to do an industrial version of seam-taping. Think drywall, but with fiberglass resin and cloth instead of tape and mud. Yeah, this bastard ain't gonna leak because of anything I did, that's for sure.

I put fiber putty over any cracks and seams. I then put resin and cloth and more resin over the seams, and I dabbed resin on each screw head to prevent any kind of chemical reaction with the adhesive or rust or other nastiness. Then I went around the bottom and sealed the gap between the top of the metal tub edge and the wonderboard with more fiber putty. That thing's goin' nowhere. Heh. Make me bang my finger, will you? I'll show you. The house could tip over and come apart in a raging flood and the shower enclosure would float away on its own. Like Chrsitopher Robin in his inverted umbrella. Only smellier, much smellier.

Yesterday's efforts were time-consuming but rewarding. It was great to work with Kevin and he was genuinely cheerful to do the nastiest and most menial tasks. I'd love to be able to hire him full time. What a great kid.

We got the demolition debris hauled off (460 pounds!) and most of the wonderboard hung. I finished that up today. No Kevin, though. Not in the schedule and not in the budget. I'm at that stage now where I can do one thing while I am waiting for another thing to soak, dry, cure, or whatever, but there just isn't space for two people to be doing things at the same time.

Since the fiberglass resin was reluctant to cure, and I didn't want to stick tiles to it while it's still tacky, I opted to cut a big hole in the floor and see what there was to see on that front.

Luckily, the plywood was rotted only along the edge of the tub and out maybe a foot or so at each end where the shower curtain allowed splashing. The plywood came up relatively easily, exposing a mish-mosh (why am I NOT surprised??) of planks below. The planks at the edges of the tub were a little soggy, so I set the clamp lights on them and left for the day. They'll be dry enough to address in the morning. I have this marvelous stuff from Minwax called Wood Hardener. I don't know what it is, but it is a miracle product. You paint some of this stuff on punky old wood, and it hardens it like fiberglass. Put some Bondo on it, sand it once or twice and paint it. Nobody will know the wood was ever rotten. I'm going to put some of that on the wood before I go for lunch and then deal with it when I get back.

The plan for tomorrow is to put up tiles first, douse the punky wood, go for lunch, come back and lay the floor and maybe do something with the walls. One needs some plywood and both need paneling. We'll have to see how far I can get. Tiles and floor are absolute must-do things, though. Wish me luck.

And here's a picture of the fingernail progression. I'm not entirely sure it used to point over to the left like that.


Queenie said...

Goddess damn, just looking at that finger makes mine hurt...great work today. Amazing what you can do. I honor your skills and respect your work so much. Except of course when you mash yourself with the F.....g hammer.

Mel said...

I'm remembering this when it comes time to redo our bathroom. We have a guest room with attached half bath and don't give a damn what you do on your computer. :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have an 'orrible cold, not much brain as a result, which has to be the reason I saw that as your little finger. (I did kinda wonder how you managed to smack it, but then I know that all kinds of odd things can happen on a job...). That totally sucks. But by tomorrow morning, it won't bother.
Looking good. What floor's going in? You don't need filler if you're putting underlayment back in. Save you 2 minutes, maybe. But as long as you've got nailing, no need.


laughingatchaos said...

Hi Auntie! ;)
Your thoroughness to a job is impressive. Can't wait to see the final pics.

Th' Rev said...

Nice work...ugly finger...ouch.

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Ouch! I hope it clears up and the discoloration goes away. Great work! -C

Dusty said...

I love you...have I told you that lately? Your a wonder sweet woman. ;)